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Midnight Echo 10 – Ghost Stories.
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Advertise in Midnight Echo – new cheaper rates!

In a display of uncharacteristic generosity, the Midnight Goblins have lowered the cost of advertising in Midnight Echo. The new basic rates are:

  • Half-page – $30
  • Full-page interior – $50
  • Full-page back cover (full colour) – $75
  • Website advertising (a sidebar ad on our site and the Sinister Reads blog for 30 days) – $100

There’s also deluxe packages and guidelines on our Advertising page.

Midnight Echo is distributed electronically throughout the world, although most of its readers are in Australia, NZ, the US and the UK. They’re a diverse bunch, but share a love of horror, the macabre and, usually, writing. If you’re promoting an online store with bite, a spooky new release, or a must-have writers’ service, Midnight Echo is the medium for you.

The goblins are also offering a 10% discount to AHWA members, so make sure you include your membership number in your email. Frankly I find the goblins’ sudden charity suspicious, so I urge any potential advertisers to get out in while they can.

The deadline for ads for Midnight Echo 11 is February 28. Email for more information.

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