Joooiiin ussss…

Midnight Echo is currently looking for a new executive editor. Duties include supervising the magazine’s budget and production, maintaining the official website, and supporting each issue’s incredible guest editors, writers, and artists. Occasional editing, proofreading, and body disposal may also be required.

This volunteer position will keep you busy, but offers fantastic experience for anyone passionate about writing and publishing. Email to learn more.

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Midnight Echo 11 now available in epub and mobi

Midnight Echo 11, release date 15 April 2015

Midnight Echo 11 is now available in epub and mobi formats, as well as the original pdf, which means you can get sinister anytime, anywhere. Order through our site and you’ll receive all three for AU$2.99 – it’s a fiendishly good deal!

Want to find out what you’re in for? Check out these sneaky previews from Deborah Sheldon, Jarod K Anderson, Marija Elektra Rodriguez, and Vincent McMackin.

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