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Upcoming Issue – Available 15 April 2015

Midnight Echo 11, release date 15 April 2015

Midnight Echo 11 – Sinister.
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Meet the Poet: John Grey

Goblins are lazy housekeepers at best, and Kaaron Warren found most of the Midnight Manor to be dirty, dismal and somewhat decrepit. However, she did find occasional treasures amidst the gloom. A 13th-century Yuan dynasty vase here, a Victorian garnet and turquoise brooch there, and an ornate gilded mirror hanging in an otherwise empty corridor.

When Kaaron looked into the mirror, it was not her face that stared back. John Grey was trapped inside, his features distorted and shimmering. His expression, like his poem ‘In Venice’, was a perfect mix of melancholy and terror…

KAARON WARREN: What does Sinister mean to you?

JOHN GREY: Sinister, to me, means a sense of dread.

KAARON: What was the ‘spark’ for your piece? Where did the idea come from?

JOHN: Not sure that it’s an actual spark, but ever since I saw the horror classic Don’t Look Now I’ve had a fascination with Venice. It’s a city that, because of its age and setting, that has always appealed to me as the perfect locale for the macabre. I’ve yet to get there, but it’s definitely on my wish list.

KAARON: Where else can we find your work?

JOHN: I’ve had over 12,000 poems published, so my work is in a lot of places. In the genre line I’ve been recently in Tides Of Possibility, The Stars Like Sand, Futuredaze, Bloodbound, Bones, Amok! and The Kennedy Curse.

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The Midnight Goblins are keeping all of our poems under lock and key. You can read ‘November Wind’ when Midnight Echo 11 is released on 15 April 2015.

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