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Midnight Echo 10 – Ghost Stories.
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Would you like to work with our goblins?

Greetings, fiends!

Midnight Echo is currently on the look-out for a new executive editor. It’s a rewarding role that’s come at an exciting time in the magazine’s development, making it the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to exercise both their creative and strategic muscles.

In the short-term, the new EE will work with the AHWA to plan Midnight Echo’s new digital format. Beyond that, the EE’s key duties will include:

* Supervising the production of Midnight Echo to ensure that each issue stays on time and on budget
* Maintaining the official website and writing regular content
* Engaging new advertisers (with the support of an advertising assistant)
* Managing post distribution of print magazines (although this will decrease as ME moves to digital-only)
* Supporting our amazing guest editors and wonderful contributors

These tasks may change depending on the decisions made by the new EE with the AHWA. There’s real potential for someone to make this job their own!

This is a volunteer position that does carry a fair bit of work; however, it will be extremely satisfying and enlightening to anyone passionate about writing and publishing. If you would like to learn more, please shoot an email through to

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