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Midnight Echo 11 short list announced

Exciting news from Midnight Echo 11 editor Kaaron Warren:

The submission period is over, the stories are read, and I am suitably disturbed. There are some seriously sinister horror stories in my pile.

In fact, there are so many good ones we’ve decided to publish a short list. This may not be the ordinary way to do things, but Midnight Echo is no ordinary outlet for horror.

In the end, I’ll only be able to choose five or six stories. But in the meantime, check out these authors. Talented, every last one of them.

The List

Anthony Wright

Daniel Nathan Horn

Ben Pienaar

Janine Langley Wood

Alistair Rennie

Vincent G McMackin

Lars Kramhoeft

Vivian Trask

Patrick Lacey

Evan Purcell

Ben Stewart

Jarod K. Anderson

Mark Farrugia

Josh Donellan

Greg Chapman

Marija Elektra Rodriguez

Sean Mulroy

Melia Donk

Tara Calaby

Lawrence Salani

Nick Hartland

Angela Rega

Shauna O’Meara

Jackson Creed

Claire Fitzpatrick

Kyla Ward

Deborah Sheldon

Emily Craven

C S Hughes

Trevor Mason

David McDonald

Stephen Dedman


The sinister Midnight Echo 11 will be released April 2015.

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